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Pure Brazilian Touch

 by Dany Fermo

If you need motivation to start a better way of living, Pure Brazilian Touch is the answer. Our great design will keep you inspired and motivated while you strive. Pure Brazilian Touch meets the highest standards for a fashionable, yet functional, sportswear, with a sexy flair.

Pure Brazilian Touch brings to the United States high quality workout apparel that has already been successful for years in Brazil and Europe. 

The secret to great workout clothing is the Brazilian design, with bright colors and the material called SUPPLEX blended with LYCRA® that gives you freedom of movement while you are looking great.

Pure Brazilian Touch redefines the concept of women's workout wear. Its style meets strength attitude that has a loyal customer base of women around the world.

Our mission is to bring fashion that you can move in, feeling comfortable and great at the same time ...and you thought that was impossible ,huh?

That's why Pure Brazilian Touch is here for you!


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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Danielle, felt the need to stay home when her child was born.  While her heart was content staying with her daughter her passion for the Fitness Fashion World continued to grow.


Dany's idea of fashion: Simple, sophisticated, with a taste of sex appeal, revealing a Brazilian flavor.